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Student Council

      The St. Ambrose Student Council consists of elected apostles in grades 4-8. Eligible apostles run for school-wide office positions, as well as class representative posts after special school occasions. Throughout the year, the Student Council organizes school fundraisers, service projects, and themed days/weeks for special school occasions. During the 2016-17 school year Student Council also organized a Father/Daughter Dance and a middle school dance.

In past years, proceeds from Student Council events have been directed to the University of Arizona Cancer Research Center, Christmas "Toys for Tots" collection, Christmas and Catholic Schools Week themed events, participation in the National School Choice Rally in Phoenix, and the procurement of lockers for the Middle School.

Piano, Guitar, and Violin Lessons

      St. Ambrose has partnered with Saguaro Music Academy to bring private and group music lessons to campus this year. Participating students receive 1 private lesson on their chosen instrument each week, and have multiple performance opportunities throughout the year. Our music teachers are highly trained, and bring a fun, flexible and child-centered approach to music education. Lessons are scheduled either during the school day or after-school, depending on availability. For more information, please contact:

Emily McClung at  SaguaroMusicAcademy@gmail.com, or visit http://www.saguaromusic.org/


MARIACHI  - Los Apostolitos

       A new Mariachi group, Los Apostolitos, was formed at St. Ambrose during the fall 2015.  The mariachi is led by Mr. Gill who has many years of experience as a mariachi member and as a mariachi instructor.  The mariachi group meets twice a week for one hour classes.  The mariachi has performed during the Virgin of Guadalupe Feast Day as well as the Posadas last year.  Mariachi classes will be offered free of charge to students this academic year.  For more information, contact the school office.


        The St. Ambrose Choir consists of 15-25 apostles.  At the start of the school year, apostles try out with the choir director.  They perform at monthly Parish masses, weekly school masses, community functions and visit assisted living homes.

Young Rembrandts

       Young Rembrandts teaches students basic to advanced drawing skills, coloring techniques and art vocabulary. We believe that drawing is the bedrock skill required for future artistic success, and that all children can and should learn to draw. You’ll see increased art abilities, learning skills, self-confidence and self-esteem as your child brings home a new masterpiece after each and every class. Lessons are never repeated from session to session so students can continue to take our classes over and over again!All supplies are provided.  Young Rembrandts is offered after-school.

Mad Science

During after-school programs with Mad Science, children engage in exciting hands-on activities, watch spectacular demonstrations, participate in inquiry-based discussions and take home projects that they have made themselves! One-hour science programs are themed around a particular area of science and include such topics as electricity, magnetism, optics, biology and many more.

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