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Mission Statement:

The St. Ambrose Catholic School Community, through the grace, teachings and example of Jesus Christ, provides its students with a spiritual and academic foundation from which to achieve excellence.


Philosophy Statement: 

The St. Ambrose Catholic School community professes belief in God the Father, the Son, and the Holy  Spirit as the foundation of lives. As a community, we provide an environment in which children seek their  full spiritual and academic potential. At St. Ambrose Catholic School, students receive a Christ-centered,  challenging, and loving education in order to excel and reach our ultimate goals of evangelization, lifelong learning  and heaven. 

School Motto: 

Live your faith, hope fiercely, love greatly! 



Evangelization, Lifelong Learning and Heaven 

We are C.A.T.S. – 

C-Community Builders who serve God. 

A-Achieve Academic Excellence,  

T-Take Initiative and are 

S- Spiritually Active Christians


In all that we do at St. Ambrose Catholic School, we strive to live out our School Mission, as expressed in  our Philosophy, Root Beliefs, Motto, Goals and SLEs, so that as students leave

St. Ambrose, they are able  to live out our

Core Values throughout their lives.  

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